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Working For My Good….

A couple of months ago I was sitting in a meeting at work when I got an emergency call from my son Carters teacher. He had developed a boil on his neck that was sitting right on his spine. What had initially looked like an insect bite the day before quickly grew and hardened into […]

Dating 101

Dating 101 – My rules of engagement Whew child…Dating as a single mom is drastically different than anything I’ve ever experienced in the dating world. Of course I have two little ones to consider that I didn’t have the last time I was on the market, but I’m also drastically different as a woman, so […]

Our Toys R Us Adventure Review

I’ve been an adventure junkie from as far back as I can remember. I love making memories, trying new things, and having fun. My bucket list is long and my little ones are turning into quite the mini adventure junkies themselves. Carter asks me almost everyday “Mommy, where the fun at?” Lol! One of my […]

Summer Blues

I felt myself starting to get a small pit in my stomach around April. It grew as the summer got closer and closer. My little ones spend more time with their dad for summer break and it made me a little anxious. While I know they need the extra time (and quite frankly so do […]

All Things New

Today I sat in front of the Eiffel Tower and I was overwhelmed with so much emotion. When I got back to my room I cried, Ok let me be honest, I wept. Let’s flashback to around March 2017. I saved up quite a bit of money and I wanted to plan something special. I […]

Part 2 – Spiritual Awakening

I was introduced to Christ very young. I had encounters, brief interactions, and experiences with him, so I’ve always known he was real. My view of God became distorted at a young age though. I thought that if I behaved well enough or did all the right things that God would answer my prayers, that […]

Part 1- Radical Acceptance

To do something radically means to do it thoroughly, completely, exhaustive, forcefully, and drastically. Radical Acceptance then is simply the act of totally and thoroughly accepting the state of something with every fiber of your being. We wrestle so much with our reality. We fight with how unfair it is, we fight with what we […]

Another Bathroom Moment

If you watched my introduction video I am very candid about a bathroom moment I experienced that changed my life. Over the past couple of years I have had a few different moments that have been pivotal in my development; this one that I am about to share truly shaped my emotional health journey… Towards […]


My younger brother is my best friend. Growing up everyone thought we were twins because my mom dressed us alike all the time and were only a year apart (like Carter and Cade). We loved it. We hated it. But it is a huge part of some of my favorite childhood memories. I’d totally be […]