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I always joke with people and tell them that style is my love language. But it really is! One of the many ways that I love on myself is through my style, so it’s only natural that one of the many ways I love on my babies is by dressing them with care and intention.

I want them to feel my love in every aspect of their lives, yes, even in how I dress them!

What started as something I do for my little ones has quickly morphed into a passion for others. Even though it comes natural to me, I’m aware that everyone doesn’t have the desire, time, or luxury to do what I do. That’s one of the beautiful things about life! When we each tap into our purpose, we can help one another in the areas that don’t come as naturally or easily to us!

Which is why I have started offering my services as a children’s stylist. With most services starting flat at just 49$, Let me help you celebrate your little ones birthday, their first recital, the holidays, prom, or any special event, in style! I even offer services that assist busy moms with back to school shopping, family twinning, or wardrobe updates.

Don’t water down those big moments, let’s work together to create a look your baby won’t forget! For more information press the contact tab below to reach out to me directly.

I can’t wait to work with you to make your event unforgettable!