Our Toys R Us Adventure Review

I’ve been an adventure junkie from as far back as I can remember. I love making memories, trying new things, and having fun. My bucket list is long and my little ones are turning into quite the mini adventure junkies themselves. Carter asks me almost everyday “Mommy, where the fun at?” Lol!
One of my favorite events from earlier this year was the Candytopia exhibit that my little ones and I attended. We had an absolute blast so I was ecstatic when Unplanned Perfection was invited to the special premier opening of the Toys R Us Adventure here in Atlanta. I gathered the crew and headed to the premiere with a huge smile on my face. We were greeted by Geoffrey the Giraffe at the entrance. He was available for meet and greets and pictures. My tots weren’t feeling Geoff too tough but their mom took a pic with him. Lol. Immediately upon entering the staff did a dance and song with Geoffrey and welcomed everyone into the Grand Opening. The exhibit is made up of 8 larger than life rooms filled with everything from the new school like Paw Patrol to throwback fun. Carter is obsessed with Paw Patrol so that was a welcomed surprise. There is even a mini zip line in the Paw Patrol room that I rode. It drops you off in a ball pit. So much fun! Paw Patrols room also has a larger than life Fire Truck that you can take pictures in and a clubhouse that includes a slide. Another favorite from my crew was the Frozen room that literally rained artificial snow the entire time. My little ones had snowball fights and were covered in snow by the time we left. We spent the most time in this room. There was also a jungle room with a huge T-Rex, obstacle course, and Railroad room to name a few. They even have picture stations in every room that email you professional photos of your experience! Blogger mom win! The staff were super engaging with the kids and made it so easy for all of us.

I don’t have any cons per se but I do have a suggestion for single parents with small children. Since I attended during the premiere the group was small so it was fairly easy to manage my toddlers. As a single mom I would probably be overwhelmed taking them by myself at a peak time (Weekends and Evenings). It’s so much going on at one time that younger kids would be tempted to run off. So a less peak time would be ideal for mommy’s with small toddlers like me.
Toys R Us was a huge part of my childhood, so sharing a little piece of that with Carter and Cade was a full circle moment for me. It warmed my heart. So let’s support the exhibit and welcome Toys R Us back! Take your littles and come back and let me know how much fun you have! Anyone else planning to go?

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