Top 5 Fashion must haves when you just ain’t got time for all of that!

I guess some would say I do the most and I can’t say that I disagree. I love to dress up. One of the mottos that I live by is “wake up, dress up, and keep your head up”. I just think that you should love on yourself by taking care of yourself in all ways, even when you don’t feel like it. It really makes a difference in how you approach the day.

But I get it: Hello, I’m a single mom navigating two rambunctious toddlers so there are plenty of days that I can’t do all that even I want to do, but I still want to feel my best. So I have my “go-to” staple items for those moments that won’t allow for a floor length fur coat (or my signature cape)! Lol. Here are my top 5 “must haves” that every woman on the go should keep in her wardrobe (In my very humble opinion):

  • A pair of jeans that fit her to a T! – Listen if you don’t have a pair of jeans that hug you in all the right areas, that snatches that waist, and lifts that backside just right, get some now! Find your fit and then rock with it. The perfect jean can transition thru all seasons and in every setting.
  • White Button Up – There are few tops that will top my crisp, clean white button up on days when I just need a neat look. I roll my sleeves up and wear mine over sized for a more relaxed fit. I rock my button up with jean shorts on the weekend or to the office. It is an easy piece that blends well in all settings and it should be a staple in your closet.
  • LBD – Every woman needs a great fitting little black dress. I don’t care if black is not your color, get you at least one! It is my “go-to” for last minute functions that I haven’t had time to shop for or perfect for a first date. Find one that compliments your features just right and watch how far you can take it.
  • Well fitted, Neutral Blazer – A structured jacket will turn your t-shirt and jeans into a whole look honey! Get a blazer that fits you well in a neutral color and throw it on to transition a look from “park day with the kids” to “drinks with the girls” in 10 seconds flat!
  • A bold lip – Find your perfect pop of color shade on the lip and keep it in your bag at all times. MAC’s “Ruby Woo” is my friend, she always makes me feel good. Even when I do not have time to do anything else I can add a lip to mascara or eye liner and you can’t even tell I’ve been up since 5 am.

I get it, we don’t have maids and we won’t walk around looking like Beyonce every day (I bet Bey doesn’t look like Bey EVERY day!), but try tweaking one or two things and see if it tweaks your mood or your outlook at all. I’ve shared mine, now tell me yours! What are your go-to favorite items that don’t take much energy or thought to pull off but you still feel great in them? What’s the one item you would buy over and over again because you know it’s a sure thing? I would love for you to share it RIGHT HERE or follow our IG: @unplannedperfection to share it there!

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