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Hi guys! My name is Nikkia and Im the creator of Unplanned Perfection. To put it simply, “Unplanned Perfection” is the intersection that life constantly brings us to where we make a choice to either continue to do things our way or we surrender to God’s will. I know I’m not alone, we all have Unplanned Perfections in life, pivotal moments that can either refocus or deter us further. My hope in sharing my journey is that you will be comfortable sharing your “UP” moments with me, and then with another sister, so she doesn’t feel so alone. I’m so excited that you’re choosing to come along on this ride with me. Let me be the first to officially welcome you to “Unplanned Perfection”!

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All Things Carter and Cadence

We’ve all done it, right? Have these grand ideas about what kind of mom we will be. The things we will or wont allow. How long were going to stay home and what kind of life were gonna provide for our babies. Our ideas are well intended but then life happens, kids happen, bills happen, and suddenly all those ideas about being a perfect mom aren’t feasible. That gap between the mom you envisioned yourself to be and the one you are is prime space for mom guilt. I haven’t figured out the formula to completely rid myself of mom guilt (if you have it, holla at me! Lol) but I’ve worked hard to balance it in ways that still allow me to be a present and bomb mom (if I do say so myself) while still acknowledging that life is not perfect and neither am I.

All things Womanhood

If you watched my introduction video I am very candid about a bathroom moment I experienced that changed my life. Over the past couple of years I have had a few different moments that have been pivotal in my development, this one shaped my emotional health journey…

After I pushed past the shame of where my life had led me, I found the courage to finally be honest with my doctor. She had been asking me for weeks why I had been losing so much weight. I told her that I was sick.

All Things Fashion

Top 5 Fashion must haves when you just aint got time for all of that!

I guess some would say I do the most and I cant say that I disagree. I love to dress up. One of the mottos that I live by is “wake up, dress up, and keep your head up”. I just think that you should love on yourself by taking care of yourself in all ways, even when you don’t feel like it. It really makes a difference in how you approach the day.

But I get it! Hello, I’m a single mom navigating two rambunctious toddlers so there are plenty of days that I cant do all that but I still want to feel my best.

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