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Stay-Cation for the soul ❤️

I took a little stay-cation and boy am I glad I finally made it a priority! If I had a dollar for every time I heard “You make it all look so easy” I’d be a billionaire! And while the comment, in and of itself, is well meaning, It can gloss over the work it […]

Intent vs Impact

A couple of weeks ago my son was practicing a karate move and accidentally knocked his sister over. Of course she immediately started crying and I heard him run over to her and emphatically say “I didn’t mean to do it” over and over again. He felt so bad, so I told him that instead […]

The Re-Launch of Candytopia

Unplanned Perfection was invited to the Bloggers Pre-Launch of Candytopia coming back to Atlanta! I attended last year and we had a blast, so I was thrilled to get to see the new amplified version of this exhibit. We started off with an animated story of Candytopia and made our way into the Candyland. There […]

Color Block 101

There is absolutely nothing that can turn a basic piece into a “look” better than a color block combo. Color-Blocking in fashion is simply the use of two contrasting colors in the same outfit. Stacking two opposite (preferably bright) colors on top of each other is the easiest way to create uniqueness and flare while […]

Joy is a choice

Joy is a choice If you know me, like really know me, then you know I don’t play about boundaries. Im a fierce protector of my peace. My ability to have joy in spite of what is going on around me is my greatest asset to myself. But I haven’t always had that. I used […]

Stack and Mix

Lately I’ve totally been into mixing and stacking patterns. Whether it be variations of the same pattern stacked on top of each other over and over again or different textures and patterns all mixed together….It’s a vibe. Last week I went to a friends going away dinner and I literally put on every plaid I […]

Mommy and Me

  If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me where I shop for the matching outfits my littles and I wear, I would be one rich chick! I always hesitate to answer because it’s never as easy as just stating one store since I have soooo many that I frequent, depending on […]

Co-Ord Crazy

It always amazes me when people tell me that they don’t rock with co-ords. They are by far the easiest trend to embrace and they fit into all types of different fashion sense. From the conservative chic to the ultra bold, you can find co-ordinates to match your vibe. Trust me, I can definitely understand […]

The Benefit of The Doubt

  I was talking to one of my girlfriends on a video app the other day and I casually told her my plans for the day. A few seconds later she messaged me asking me to elaborate on one piece of the convo because it made her sad. I was so confused as to why […]

Navigating the Gray

I can handle tough stuff. I’m not afraid of navigating valleys or hard seasons. I’ve been thru enough to know that whatever it is, it won’t ever overtake me. So even if I’m not thrilled about an experience, it’s rare that I think I’m not strong enough to handle it. Gray areas shake me up […]