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If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me where I shop for the matching outfits my littles and I wear, I would be one rich chick! I always hesitate to answer because it’s never as easy as just stating one store since I have soooo many that I frequent, depending on the style I want. But I love to share deets so I’m super excited to finally drop my fav go to spots for trendy and affordable twinning. Plus a few tips on making the styles your own. I’ve narrowed it down to my top 3 but once you check mine out, make sure you add your favs! Sharing is caring! Lol.

If you watched our feeble attempt at our first reel, then you already saw one of my favorite small shops for both Cade and Carter. The small shop is called “Style me Momma”. Her IG handle is stylememomma and the website can be found in her bio. This small shop is one of my top favs right now because it’s a mix between trendy and classic styles that both girls and boys can wear. I’m all about the unisex vibes these days. I love putting Cade in a suit or letting her rock a baggy sweater as a dress. The owner is super sweet and personable and she mixes up her range every season to accommodate current trend. Even though she currently only sells children’s clothing, it’s so easy to match clothes that I currently have with her items because they’re classic pieces. Check her shop out and tell me what you think!

People are ALWAYS so shocked when I tell them my second favorite go to spot. But when I tell you I’m ordering from them at least once a week, I mean it! Carter and Cade have SO many outfits from Amazon, I can’t count them. Throw prime on top of the already affordable prices and easy return policy and I’m always gonna check Amazon first! Since sometimes things can look differently than the pictures, the key to success with Amazon is finding vendors you can trust and sticking with them, especially if it’s coming from China. I recently purchased sweatsuits from Amazon for 11$ for the set. Remember, I always add my own kick to any set I purchase, even for my little ones. So as an example, I added moto jackets on top of their jogging suits and threw their chucks on to finish it off. Their whole outfits came from Amazon for 20 bucks. Twinning or creating fashionable looks for your babies doesn’t have to be expensive. It would be very easy for me to throw on a black jogging suit as well if I wanted to match them. Mixing small shops and big box stores like Amazon is the best way to balance affordability and uniqueness.

My 3rd pick for twinning is a shop shipping out of Australia called Beau Hudson. The leather blazers that Cade and I have on in the first outfit on our reel comes from their shop. If you want easy and classic mommy and me pieces, then make sure you follow them on IG @ beau_hudson. I normally purchase from them during their end of season sales when I can purchase a lot at one time. That makes it easier for me to justify the shipping costs and also makes it more budget friendly since I’m usually purchasing for all 3 of us at the same time. I always recommend Beau Hudson to beginner twinning mommy’s because they do all the work for you! Follow them on IG and let me know if you end up getting some inspo from a look.

There you have it, my top 3 favorite spots to shop for Mommy and Me. Don’t forget to always make the looks your own! The reason Im never stingy about sharing specific deets on outfits because I always add my own flavor to anything I buy for myself and my babies, and you should do the same. It doesn’t matter if a million people have the same thing you have. Every outfit should speak something about you because you’re bringing something to it. It’s your turn, what are your favorite go-to kid shops? Do you Mommy and Me?

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