The Re-Launch of Candytopia

Unplanned Perfection was invited to the Bloggers Pre-Launch of Candytopia coming back to Atlanta! I attended last year and we had a blast, so I was thrilled to get to see the new amplified version of this exhibit.

We started off with an animated story of Candytopia and made our way into the Candyland. There were more Candy statue figures and more rooms than last years exhibit. But don’t worry, the classics like the marshmallow pit and the confetti room, are still there! Of course we took tons of pictures and the QR code makes it super easy to get your professional pictures emailed to you immediately. The staff was even more friendly than I remember and they were super helpful in getting family pictures together. Every single room had tons and tons of candy stocked in hidden places. The kids really had a blast trying to figure out which candy was featured in the different rooms. And to top off the sugar rush of all sugar rushes, the last stop before you leave is a huge candy store…Bigger and more stacked than before. We had such a good time that we are going back on Saturday! It officially opens to the public this weekend, Make sure you check it out while it’s in town! It’s a kid must-see!

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