Stay-Cation for the soul ❤️

I took a little stay-cation and boy am I glad I finally made it a priority! If I had a dollar for every time I heard “You make it all look so easy” I’d be a billionaire! And while the comment, in and of itself, is well meaning, It can gloss over the work it takes to build a life you’re proud of. Being an intentional mom takes work, being a self aware woman committed to doing the internal work is hard work, showing up in my career everyday is work, maintaining my faith and spiritual life is work. I could go on and on, but I know I’m not alone in that. When you’re given the title of strong, sometimes being exhausted comes with so much shame, so much guilt. It’s unrealistic and illogical, but it’s felt. So thankful for the safe spaces in my life where I can be honest and vulnerable.

So when I took inventory, I realized I was showing up in all the right ways, for all the right people, except myself. Mom guilt would always talk me out of it. “Why spend money on this when you could be doing that”, “You should be using this time to do this, instead of resting”…I hear it all in my head.

Finally life forced me to sit my butt down and just breathe. Reset my heart, my energy, and my vision. Everything seems so blurry when you’re exhausted. Sure I could’ve been washing clothes and rearranging my closet with that time, but I’m more important than all of that. So thankful that I had the courage to choose me at a deeper level. Deeper than a trip or brunch. My commitment is to do it more intentionally and consistently. In 2023 I don’t want to be anybody’s  superwoman…mmm mmm get somebody else to do it 😂

How are you committed to showing up for you in a more intentional way?

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