Santa’s Fantastical : Full Mom Review

When I walked into Santa’s Fantastical this year I had a moment. Last year I attended this same exhibit with my little ones. I bought tickets online, stood in line, and had a blast. So for me to be here again as a guest blogger was kinda full circle. I try to practice being thankful for the small things and this was one of those moments where I told God thank you, out loud.

As soon as they opened the doors to the exhibit we all gasped. I’m a big Christmas person and the decor was simply breathtaking. Everything was decorated so bright and festive. I immediately felt all warm and fuzzy inside. All the Christmas feels. As we made our way thru the different stops I was pleasantly surprised at how much new and fun stuff they added from last year. So many more kid games, photo opportunities (and friendly staff who ask you over and over if you would like them to take your picture for you 🙌🏽) and entertainment.

My little ones ran from room to room with excitement. It was a huge area for face painting. Carter got the Super Santa face mask. He also had his first encounter with Santa where he didn’t cry his eyes out. Lol. I think my baby is officially a big boy. He told Santa he wants candy for Christmas. Smh. In addition to the exhibits there are performances that happen on the main stage several times every hour. We took a break there at one of the tables and ate snacks. It’s a life saver for moms who need a break while also keeping their little ones entertained. And speaking of things for moms, Santa’s Fantastical added an adult corner that serves adult beverages to get you thru the day! All the drinks have a festive flair and were really good.

We go to a lot of places but this one hit me a little different. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s the beginning of the holiday season and I’m feeling super thankful and in the spirit but we really had a great time. If you need a pick me up, a cool place to take a date, or a fun spot to take the kids, go check this exhibit out. It’s only here for a limited amount of time this year. I highly recommend it! Do you think you’re gonna check it out?

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