Hats, Boots, and Everything Fur!

I’m no big fan of cold weather, I definitely prefer Spring and Summer time. But my all time favorite seasons for fashion is most definitely the Fall and Winter months. The amount of extra-ness that takes place in my life when fur season hits should be outlawed. But even if your extra meter lives on a 2 while mine lives on a 10, the colder season still offers way more opportunity to add some umph to your look without much effort.

Fur me up!
It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t kick this list off with a little fur. I have more fur coats than I’d like to admit. Brown, white, black, long, short…I will throw a fur coat on with anything. But even if you aren’t a fur coat kinda girl….a fur accessory like a fur scarf, bolero, clutch, or shrug takes a basic tee shirt and jean up at least 2 notches without even trying. You instantly go from grocery store run to date night in 5 seconds with fur. It’s just something about how I feel when I rock it, It does something to your core. I’m a firm believer that even the most conservative woman needs a fur piece of some sort.

All the Wide Brim Hats!

Find me the hat with the widest brim and I’m instantly in love. I love a camel colored or wine hat for the Fall. Well, in all transparency…I wear wide brim hats all year long. But they pop more against a cowl neck sweater and a motorcycle leather jacket, in my humble opinion. Lol. But let’s be clear, my most favorite part about it is it’s ability to disguise a bad hair day while still maintaining your need to look like a decent human! I don’t know about you but sometimes mom life doesn’t allow me to lay my hair every single day. So on those ponytail days, find you a hat, add a lip, and go about your day with your head up!

Boots Galore!

I’m a sucka for an over the knee boot. I have a snakeskin over the knee pair that I have to hide from myself because I would wear them with my pjs if I could. It’s actually real love. But I also recognize the value in a sleek ankle boot or a regular knee boot as well. Yesterday I had on some distressed boyfriend jeans, a 7$ oversized men’s tee from Target and my ankle boots and you really couldn’t tell me anything. This season find your perfect boot, add a little umph to it by way of bold pattern or style, and watch how your outfits pop.

Since you have to be bundled up anyway, you might as well wrap yourself in a little flair. How do you plan on adding a little flair to your wardrobe this season?

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